Give Us This Day Our Daily Bread – Bible Wall Decal Quote

Most if not all remember the prayer “Give us this day our daily bread”.  My wife will often remind me life is a daily event. We can get caught up in the daily race to earn a living, that we sometimes forget the important events in our lives. So we made this wall decal sign for anyone (like me) that would like to be reminded of this daily event that we want to be grateful for.

Give Us This Day Our Daily Bread wall decal black

We have this wall decal quote as well as many others in our shop

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Wall Decal Monograms for Children’s Room Decor

Children love to see their name on the wall and in big letters too.
Well mine did and I think they still do.  We have just added a few
new monograms to our collection that we are sure you’ll love too.

diamond scroll frame monogram wall decal

All of our wall decals are made from the finest vinyls available
and are not only easy to apply, they can be removed just as easily.
Each design is crafted by us right here in our own studio in DeMotte, Indiana, USA.
We make each wall decal set after the sale, in your choice of colors.
Stop in and see how many way you can add accent to your child’s room.
If you see something and have any questions, just contact us through
the site “contact button” and we’ll try to get back as soon as we can.
Please remember that we are a husband and wife team so it is just
the two of us doing it all, but we answer questions quickly.

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Sweetheart Deal FREE SHIPPING at Chuck E Byrd Wall Art on Etsy

free ship banner

We have a sweetheart deal for everyone this valentines day, FREE SHIPPING (US only).
From today to February 28 we will be giving free shipping to all US orders.

This is a great deal because with the shipping rates going up at the beginning of February.


Only 3 more days to get FREE USA SHIPPING!

You are the love of my life wall decal

You are the love of my life wall decal

This is one of our latest design

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Personalized Ships wheel Monogram for a Boy’s Room

We make so many monograms for a girl’s room we thought we should make one for a boy’s room.
Now as any parent knows children will like what they like so this could work quite well for a girl’s room too.

Personalized ships wheel monogram

Ships wheel monogram

You’ll find the very best in vinyl wall art in our
Chuck E Byrd Wall Decals Shop



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Never Give Up! You never know what is just around the corner…

Never Give Up

Life is so very full of twists and turns most of which we never see coming. We work each day with our head down, hard at work on the task at hand. Then when a twist comes along, a layoff at work, plant shut down, or a company closing we are caught off guard. They say the economy is in a bad way and folks can’t find another job, so you start to panic.

I have been there so many times myself and I know that feeling so well. But each time I did something my father taught me at a very young age. Beat the bushes (no not the George Bushes), he meant hit the street, look around every corner, every coffee shop, and every business and ask for their help in finding what it is you are looking for.

My father was a thinker, but also a doer! He taught us kids that if you never give up, you’d never lose. So many people today look for a while but then when they get rejected they start to pull in and stop beating the bushes. You cannot stop; change your approach, yes, but never give up!

This is why we started making this Never Give Up wall decal, as a reminder to keep looking and never give up!

If you would like to see this wall quote or any of our other wall decal designs you can find them on our Etsy shop here.

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Nautical Ships Wheel Vinyl Wall Decal Art

We can not change the wind, but we can adjust our course.

A ship’s wheel is the method of adjusting the angle of a ship’s rudder to change the course of a ship.
Our wall decal nautical ship’s wheel can serve as a reminder for us all to keep control of our ship.
This wall decal as shown measures 22″ by 22″ and can be made in any of our 56 stock colors.
This wall decal, along with our other designs can be found in our
Chuck E Byrd Wall Decals (Etsy shop)

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A Whale of a Good Time Wall Decal

whale of a good time

We have been busy with our latest Wall Decals,
here is one we really though many would like.
You can find it as well as many other designs
here at our Chuck E Byrd Wall Decals Shop.

For those of you that read this blog you will be seeing
some new additions in the coming weeks,
we are expanding again to add more products.
we are working hard to get everything set up now.

We want to thank every customer we have out there
for all the support. If it where not for you, our customers
we would not be able to grow in a time when so many other
business are shutting down.

Thank You All!

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