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Birdcage Trio

This birdcage trio would brighten up any room. These cages measure 33″ wide and 47″ tall from the top of the chain to the bottom of the middle cage and come in several pieces so installation is easy. You can have

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Mama Bot with her 4 baby bots – vinyl wall decals

Mama bot with her baby bots has a big job raising the robots of the future and she is looking for a good home to raise them in. She stands 20″ tall and “the little ones” are 6″tall and she

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Vinyl Wall Art – Running Deer

This Graphic makes me think of my childhood, not that I hunted deer, but many of the men in my family did. Sitting in the woods waiting for Bambi’s mom to come by was just not for me. I went

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Sisters by Heart

I think women have it much better when it come to friendship. Men can be friends, share things such as sports stories, but women know how to connect to another woman in a way normally reserved for sisters. This is why this

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When times are tough, NEVER GIVE UP, when things go wrong, NEVER GIVE UP… Because you never know what is just around the corner! Life can be full of ups and downs and at those time we need a little

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A flock of flamingos – very large birds – vinyl wall art – FREE SHIPPING

*** FREE SHIPPING *** With the economy in the shape it is I thought I would pick up the shipping cost on this one. Yes flamingos really do fly, in fact they can travel over 300 mile in a night.

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Artistic Creations – Handcrafted Fine Silver Jewelry Inspired by Nature

I came across this and love the workmanship. I quoted her on the description. “This Pretty Poppy” flower made from pmc (.999 fine silver once fired in a kiln). It was hand sculpted and drawn making each one slightly unique

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Nursery Wall decals
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