Planes in the Clouds – Vinyl Wall decal

This is a very cute set that would work great in any child’s room. You will be getting the planes And the clouds.

clouds an planes dark red

These bi-planes may not have snoopy fighting the red baron, but they sure are cute. Throw in a little imagination and they just might.

The planes each measure,
2 – 4½” x 12″
2 – 4¾” x 12″
2 – 6¾” x 12″

The clouds range in sizes from 12″ wide by 6″ tall to 4″ wide by 2″ tall and you will be getting 9 clouds in total.

They are shown here on a bedroom wall, but could go where ever your imagination takes you.

Chuck-E-Byrd Wall Art
Chuck-E-Byrd Wall Art Etsy


We have been creating unique wall decals for about 15 years. Our wall decals can be found in many homes as well as in many businesses around the world. One of the largest is Google where we have several designs both in the halls and in the main entrance foyer. Folks just Love our designs, we hope you do too. Stop in and see for yourself just how easy your wall can go from bare to amazing.

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