Chuck E Byrd Wall Art is Expanding…

I know I have not kept up too well with this blog, but I have a good reason. We have been blessed with business, folks just seem to love our decal kits. I mean we hoped folks would, but never though it would take off to the point it has.

As some may know, earlier this year we expanded into what we thought would be enough room for years to come, but not so. We have out grown our new space (which was about double our old space) so we have been busy expanding our Chuck E Byrd Wall Art space into our sign shop space that was set up for large signs. The overall size of our building here is 32′ x 64′ and we are hoping by the end of October to be in our expanded space which will then be about two thirds of the build size just for our Chuck E Byrd Wall Art shop.

A major reason for our expansion was to allow us to add more stock colors, and so we have. We just added 16 NEW COLORS to our color Chart, that means we now offer 56 STOCK COLORS!

We also have been working on a new web site with an expanded wall art collection along with a better shopping cart. We can not wait for these changes to take effect, we have been truly blessed. We are able to work at something we love (with someone we love) and have time to take care of our parents (when needed). What more could any couple ask for.


We have been creating unique wall decals for about 15 years. Our wall decals can be found in many homes as well as in many businesses around the world. One of the largest is Google where we have several designs both in the halls and in the main entrance foyer. Folks just Love our designs, we hope you do too. Stop in and see for yourself just how easy your wall can go from bare to amazing.

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