Come enjoy the whimsical imagery of Carla Lovato

Now believe it or not, not everybody wants vinyl wall art on their walls (yea, I know kind of crazy) but true. So for those of you that like to hang art on your wall and not attached TO your wall, this shop is for you… Check it out…

“Carla Lovato is an artist who encourages the viewer to join her fascination with nature and the energy that surrounds us”

I found this Etsy shop the other day and briefly exchanged convo’s with the Artist. She seemed like a very kind person so much so that I checked out her shop. I was very glad I took the time to look around, her work is magical! I found it to be a very peaceful place where I could enjoy my morning coffee while browsing the shop. I have always loved lighthouses and she has a beautiful one called “Yaquina Lighthouse” .

If you want to spend a little time in a calm “getaway” do your self a favor and drop in her shop, you’ll be glad you did.


We have been creating unique wall decals for about 15 years. Our wall decals can be found in many homes as well as in many businesses around the world. One of the largest is Google where we have several designs both in the halls and in the main entrance foyer. Folks just Love our designs, we hope you do too. Stop in and see for yourself just how easy your wall can go from bare to amazing.

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