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Giraffe – Mother and Baby

It’s been a while but I have something nice  for most any nursery. It’s a mother giraffe with a baby, mother stand 53″ tall and baby stands 24″. We are working on a few more, but it has been so

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Cats and how I became a Catman

Growing up I was never a big cat fan, dogs where my pet of choice. But as I have gotten older I have grown into a cat man. A little over 11 years ago now I  remarried, to a wonderful

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Birdcage Trio

This birdcage trio would brighten up any room. These cages measure 33″ wide and 47″ tall from the top of the chain to the bottom of the middle cage and come in several pieces so installation is easy. You can have

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A flock of flamingos – very large birds – vinyl wall art – FREE SHIPPING

*** FREE SHIPPING *** With the economy in the shape it is I thought I would pick up the shipping cost on this one. Yes flamingos really do fly, in fact they can travel over 300 mile in a night.

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Mom said to make one

So here it is because you always have to do what Mom say… Even at 50 . This cute rooster can be found as always at my web site.

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Spring is here at last, time to Monkey around…

Ok, so it really is not that spring yet, but I can not wait any longer. Time to monkey around a bit. This graphic is for anyone who wants to mark his area, but do it in a fun way…

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What I do

There has to be a first for everything so here is my first post here.

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